ITI at Haryana aim to providing Quality Technical Training at very - 2 nominal charges in order to make these institute approachable by youngsters of economically weak families. The students here, get the support from the Govt. faculty Members and the staff in shape of high quality Industrial Training which helps shaping the raw youngster into heated Gold personal or valuable citizens of the nation who in turn, on one hand, get placed in high profile industries and earn their respective livelihood on the other hand, contribute in increasing the productivity of the nation.

Objective of ITI

  • Making productive & skilled workers available in various trades & different fields.
  • Heightening the Industrial production and productivity by providing high quality training to the trainees.
  • To Train Male & Female both to make them worth employment.
  • To fulfill the needs of market & workers by running short term courses.
  • To upraise the level of institute in nation by running multi - faceted and multitalented courses.
  • Standardized the market norms by training Inspecting / Testing and certifying the on job worker

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